Rolnik and Conviction in the top most profitable in 2023.

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Rolnik was the fourth best-performing fund manager in Spain in 2023 with a weighted average of 21.52% for our three funds. Our Conviction fund is among the top 20 of the year with 40.06%. The performance of Resilience (31.49%) and Focus (17.57%) also far exceeded the average for Spanish funds (7.2%). You can read VDOS’ full report on the evolution of the sector in 2023 here.

Thank you very much to all Owners for trusting Rolnik. We continue to invest in attractive businesses with exceptional cultures, at reasonable prices, to multiply in the long term.

Investing involves risks, including the possibility of loss of the invested capital. Past performance is no guarantee of future returns. Our financial services are not advisory services, we only provide information services.

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